Vehicle recovery and transport from Switzerland to UK

Has your car or van broken down in Switzerland and need it brought back to the UK?

Involved in a road accident in Switzerland and need your vehicle transported back to the UK?

Car or van breakdown or mechanical failure anywhere is often stressful and counter productive, often it's even worse having car trouble in another country such as Switzerland. Motoring insurance and breakdown cover often doesn't cover recovery of your vehicle back to the UK, or even when it does  they expect you to wait several weeks before your vehicle can be recovered back to the UK. We can transport your vehicle safely back to any UK address within a few short days. 

We can help rescue & repatriate your vehicle from anywhere in Switzerland including any driver & passengers, we can also tow your caravan or trailer and bring it home for you, please contact us on +44 786 328 1324 or email us at the email address shown above.